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I finally saw Tropic Thunder last night. Although it might not have been one of Ben Stiller's best movies, it definitely had some memorable quotes and laughs. I have to admit that Robert Downey Jr stole the film. He was so damn good and funny. I was also surprised by the role Tom Cruise played. There are some quotes that are constantly going over in my head and I might have to try and sneak them at work. Let's look at some situations where I might be able to sneak a Tropic Thunder quote in.

Who does not get tired of being accosted right when you walk through the door at work. This happens to me all the time. I can also use this quote in any meeting because some coworker (usually multiple coworkers) will blurt out some brain dead comment, question or suggestion. Time for some Les Grossman and reply with this:
First, take a big step back... and literally, FUCK YOUR OWN FACE!

One thing that constantly happens throughout the workday is people coming into my office and interrupting me while I am trying to get some work done. I am sure it happens to all of you. Another Les Grossman reply might be in order.
Look, fuckstick, I'm incredibly busy. So why don't you get the hell out of here before I snap your dick off and jam it into your ass...

Most of us usually have to sell off an idea or suggestion from time to time. It's the nature of working in a team environment. Jeff Portnoy's quote should get my idea readily accepted.
I will literally suck your dick, right now. I'll cradle the balls, stroke the shaft, work the pipe, and swallow the gravy. Get it over here, buddy. Let's do this.

I don't know about you, but I receive tons of documents, power points, emails, etc. when working on projects. And let's face the facts, who has time to all read them? I'm lucky to have time to glance through all them. I think I am going to start using a Kirk Lazarus quote when I am asked if I read something.
I don't read the script. The script reads me.

I like to keep coworkers on their toes and keep them always guessing what goes on in my head. I am known to always do a great job on my projects and completing them in the highest professional manner. But I also like people to say, "Man, Chris is damn good and knows his shit, but whoaaa..." So, basically I like to have an air of mystery around me. Usually random blurts around the hallway and meetings solidifies this aura of mystery. I believe the addition of this last Kirk Lazarus' quote should do well. Just imagine walking down the hallway and looking at someone all crazy eyed and saying this Lazarus quote:
I know what dude I am. I'm the dude playin' the dude, disguised as another dude!

These quotes should come off pretty well at work! Can't wait to use them.

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24 March 2009 @ 03:10 pm

So, my boy went on his first trip to the San Diego Zoo today. I will have to admit that I was pretty anxious thinking about it this morning. The woes of parenting has to be the worrying part with your kids and the outside world. On one side you are extremely happy for them that they get to go on little adventures. You know he had to be exciting for this. I remember always being exciting when going on field trips for school. You can't beat having fun and learning at the same time. But on the other side there are dangers that come with your kids going out to public functions and not having a parent/guardian ratio of 1:1. I know the worrying will never end and all age ranges have their different dangerous.

I am always one to not dwell on the "what ifs" in life. I believe you should be aware of what goes on in the world and take reasonable precautions, but you should never dwell on it. Dwelling on the evils of the world will only get you to be overly protected in a destructive way that will not allow your child to grow into the responsible adult that they should be. Dwelling and worrying will also basically make you a zombie in life. And who wants to be a zombie except for being one at a party?

But I have to admit that it just infuriates me that there are people in the world that want to cause harm to my children. To put it bluntly, people that actually look at children as sexual objects. And the reality is it is usually not a kidnapping and the child is found alive after a long duration, it is basically a use them once and throw them away like garbage. This is the harsh reality of the world we live in and what parents need to be aware of in order to keep your children safe. To know the dangers in the world and teach your children to take necessary precautions

But in the end I am really exciting about my son going to the zoo. How cool is it to go to the zoo with your school friends during the day? It is definitely good times for a four year old. I can only hope my son is smart enough to stay with the group and not stray far. I swear I better not hear how he was not listening and he was running off in all directions. If I hear that, there will be blood. Oh yes, there will be lots of blood. Truthfully he listens to his teachers and other guardians. It's his parents he seems to have a lack of discipline with and isn't that the norm? Personally I can't wait to hear his stories and see his little t-shirt that he received today.

This is only the beginning of worrying about my children. First it is worrying about them with strangers. Tomorrow it will be about them getting injured because they are doing some outlandish stunt or sport. Next it will probably be sex, drugs, alcohol, or them becoming a total dork. After that it will be about them getting into a car that their friend is drinking and driving or worst... just them getting a license! Finally it will be if they are going to graduate high school and not become a slacker for the rest of their lives or yours. And just when you thought it was over and you can relax and not worry... You start to worry that they will invest their life savings into some bonehead scam and want to move back into your house when they are 35 yrs old. You see??? You see??? It never ends!

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15 March 2009 @ 12:33 pm
Killian on her 2nd Birthday 2009
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14 March 2009 @ 09:51 pm
Cybian Death Knight Lvl 80
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As some of you might have guessed, I kind of like tattoos. That's a pretty shocking revelation about myself, huh? I know... I know... I bare my soul in public forums sometimes. A little history on my fascination on tattoos in general. I've liked tattoos since my first memories. When I was around ten, I mentioned to some of my relatives that I could not wait until I get my first tattoo. I was lectured right away about the regrets of getting tattoos, etc. I wasn't planning on getting a tattoo at ten, but I guess maybe they start young in New York and my relatives felt like they should have an intervention right there and then.

My first two were from homemade guns while I was in high school. My very first was supposed to be a skinhead on my forearm. But this cholo who wanted tattoo experience with a homemade tattoo gun kept drawing him like... a cholo! So, I asked him what else can he draw and he said he can make some rad spiders. I left with a black widow on my shoulder blade minus a six pack of beer or a 40 or two, I can't remember exactly.

My second tattoo and please don't ask to see it in person since it is illegible, was "SKINS" tattooed in my lower lip with another homemade gun. If I had one tattoo that had a second function, it would be this one. Growing up in LA and around gangs, you were always asked, "Where you from, ese?" Drop the ese, if you are asked by either Bloods or Crips. When you said, "No where", or when I liked to be a smart ass, which was always, I would mention New York. They never liked those answers and would keep asking several times. Basically they were trying to punk you out and get you to say something to start a fight. Especially when it is usually five or more gang members asking you that question. Which was fine by me since I fought a couple of times a week and what is kicking the shit out of a few more gang members? But sometimes you have places to go and you can't be bothered. When I got my lip tattooed and I was asked, "Where you from, ese." I would pull down my lip and show them my tat. For some reason all gang members reactions were like, "Oh man... That's cool, ese." or "That's crazy, ese", etc. I was never asked that question again when I pulled down my lip to show off my tattoo. It was kind of like a don't stop, pass go card. Life was made so much simpler by that tattoo.

After that I finally received my first tattoos from actual tattoo shops! The first two were a skinhead on my left forearm and a boot boys emblem on my left bicep. Next was the Marine Corps emblem on my other bicep after boot camp. Finally I received my first Bob Vessels' tattoo, which was a skinhead girl. I was literally one of Bob's first customers back then. The rest is basically history on my arms. I finished getting sleeved by Bob back in 1995. All in all, I am pretty happy with my arms. I was starting off with one theme and changed it before I was thinking of actually getting sleeved. Luckily for me, Bob is really good at tying things together.

I will admit, I am happy that I did not get every tattoo I thought of getting. One particular one would be a Chinese dragon on my back. I knew this Asian artist who owned a shop on Hollywood Blvd and she was basically going to do my back for only $200 back in the 80's. Lucky for me my friends talked me out of it. Basically they gave me a guilt trip by saying it was my turn to by booze. I broke down and we were basically drunk for the whole weekend on cases of beer. Which leads me into my current tattoo, which I am still in the process of completing.

I swear it seems like it has been ten years since I first started my back piece. I would have to look at dates, but it has been at least six years. Sure it does not help when you go without tattoo work for two years straight. I think I did that at least two times so far where I haven't had any work on my back for two years. I believe it is almost two years now since the last time I had work done on my back. Thinking about it, that makes it around eight years so far. I am so ready to have this completed.

I have other ideas for chest work, etc. I told M once, that I was thinking about getting my legs done also. I started to think that if I ever completed my back and my chest, I would look kind of awkward with bare legs. I'm sure she has forgotten this by now. But first I should finish off my back piece. I was hoping to get some work done this year and maybe even complete it. I also wanted to get some work done when I reached my goal with working out. They always say you should have a goal and reward yourself if you reach it. This was going to be my reward for making my body in pristine shape by finishing my back piece. But now I am not getting any merit increases or bonuses this year, so finishing my back is out of the question. Which is kind of frustrating since I want some tattoo work so bad right now that I feel a tightness in my chest.

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01 March 2009 @ 11:03 am

Besides my kids that is! I think it might be a good day to go to the San Diego Zoo. My favorite is the Minute Maid Lemonade Icee... yum! Can't get enough of that stuff. Kieran's favorite thing is the Sky Safari and Killian's favorite thing will probably be every living animal that she knows what it is like kitty, bird, etc. Time to set this shindig in motion.

Random blurp... I cannot wait until I am not wiping another human's ass. It's been a few years right now and I probably have a few more years left. The wiping is not bad, it's the stench that gets me sometimes.0_o

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24 February 2009 @ 05:00 pm

Wow is currently my only pastime right now and it was violated! Not even a reach around or kiss. Just totally reamed and left naked. At least my WoW toons were naked when I logged into my WoW account on Friday night. M wanted to catch up on a couple of ER episodes, so I decided to play a little WoW. I tried logging into my account and kept receiving a wrong password error. Right away I am thinking that this was not good and someone has been my account. I went to the Blizzard site, clicked the lost password link, and changed my password. When I finally logged into my account... There in my character selection was a naked Blood Elf Death Knight. I am thinking, "Oh no... Don't tell me I was hacked and I lost everything." I checked all my other toons and there they were... All standing in the character selection screen basking in their naked glory.

I contacted an online GM and after waiting for over an hour, I finally was able to speak to a GM live. I pleaded my case that my account was hacked, I lost everything on all my toons, and if I would be able to get all my equipment restored. They said they would put an investigation in and I would have to wait for the result by email. By Sunday morning I received an email that the investigation was complete and a list of all the items that were restored with each character. Many high praises for Blizzard completing this investigation in a speedy manner and on the weekend! I can't tell if I lost anything because all my higher items are there, but my DK seems to be around 1.5% lower on his hit rating, which I think might have been a neck item. For some slots, I had multiples to change my stats for different tasks. But for the most part everything was restored on all my toons. The other downside was it took a few hours on Sunday night to equip my characters and bank since I had to travel back to cities to perform these tasks.

I check all my computers for any type of malware key loggers. Three programs did not find any apparent key loggers. Although one program did say my kernel32.dll was malware, so I deleted it and copied a new one to my machine. Maybe that was some type of key logging malware. I know viruses and malware can actually change the code in the kernel. I don't think it was malware that logged my password. I rarely go on any WoW sites, which are supposed to be notorious with malware. I heard through my guild that accounts are randomly picked throughout the week, which they will try and crack the password. I have to admit, I had a very weak password and it probably could have been cracked easily with a basic program. Now I have a very strong password that should not be so easily to crack.

So there you have it... A little excitement and drama over the weekend. Last night it was game on, except for my son's bowel problems. But that is a different story. I will admit that my account being hacked and my son's bowel problems are starting to become a pain in the ass. Maybe not all mine, but a pain nevertheless.

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11 February 2009 @ 10:39 am

I was outside Starbucks this morning and a lady came up to me and said, "You look like that guy from U2." I replied, "Bono?" and she said, "yes."

I know he as been sporting a beard on and off lately and so have I. I guess I was dressed casual like him, but still it is a first. I guess it is just my good looking Celtic looks! :P

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28 January 2009 @ 04:30 pm

So, I am going to try and make this short since I am extremely tired and in pain. After being on a hiatus from October to the beginning of January, I finally started going back to the gym four to five times a week. Strength training three times a week and cardio four to five times a week. My goal is five times a week, but I have only been able to do that once because at least once a week work goes through lunch. It was pretty easy getting back into the routine and I have been enjoying it since day one. Sure there are days that I have been tired, but it was always doable.

Today was not one of those doable days. Well, it was doable since I was able to do my strength and cardio routines, but it was extremely difficult. I was yawning throughout my workout nonstop. Actually I am still yawning at my desk. I was able to not slack and do my regular strength routine, but damn did I have to push it. Cardio was even worse. I felt like I was slacking a tad bit, but in the end it was the same I always do. So I guess I did not really slack at all.

On top of being extremely tired today, my lower back has been killing me. I did not notice it when working out, but right when I finished my cardio I was in extreme pain again. Which is strange since I never had lower back problems. And to finish things off my stomach has not been right since I woke up either. I should be starving after this workout and I have not been hungry at all. I have to force myself to eat something.

I did have a "stinky" gym story to tell, but I think I will post that later. Right now I am thinking of leaving early and getting some Icy Hot patches for my lower back.

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20 January 2009 @ 04:19 pm

I should post more often about work. I never mentioned that I received a promotion in November! My hard drive at work has been extremely slow for the past eight months or so. It also started getting corrupted files that had to be fixed with Scan Disk. Two weeks ago my local Oracle stopped working and that was the final straw in not getting my hard drive reimaged. But why cut myself short and just get my drive reimaged? I had only 20G left, so I decided to upgrade my hard drive and RAM. Which I just noticed that I asked for an upgrade of 1GB and received only a half GB. How lame is that. Anyway after receiving my machine on Friday and getting over a little hurdles here and there, I am finally installing my development software, etc on my desktop. This makes for a nice easy day or two for me.

Next I will see if I will get my laptop upgrade since I was due for a refresh. I decided to ruffle some feathers and ask for a MacBook. Let's see how far that goes up the chain.

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