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09 May 2009 @ 12:18 am
There will be grilling. Yes, there will be a lot of grilling.  

So, I fired up my old Char-Broil gas grill for the first time this year a few weeks ago and that will be it's last time. The knobs are basically frozen and everything is in need of replacement. I've had it since 1993, so it has seen many many years of grilling. I've replaced most of the parts at least once and repainted it around three times. It finally needed replacement. Tomorrow we are having M's mom's birthday party at our house and we were supposed to grill. What a great excuse to buy a new grill!

Since it has been so long since I looked at what was out there in the grilling market, I was pretty open to suggestions. I first checked online at all the major stores to see what was out there. Home Depot had the best selection and a few gas grills caught my eye. I was especially interested in a Brinkmann because it was getting some good reviews. We decided to go to Home Depot on Sunday and we were determined to leave the store with a grill.

When I was browsing the grills, a Home Depot associate came over and talked to me and recommended a Charmglow. He mentioned that he was usually a Char-Broil man, but bought the same Charmglow model and was pleased with it. He then mentioned he would call the person who actually worked in the area to help us because he had to drop the money off and he was working overtime.

When the other Home Depot associate arrived, he asked me what I was in the market for. I told him the specs and the range we wanted to spend. His recommendation was for the entry level Char-Broil Red grill. Now the Red series is pretty intriguing because it grills by Infrared grilling and not over direct gas flame. Basically it is a porcelain U shaped trough that heats up from the burners underneath. This allows for evenly distributed heat and higher temperatures produced. Also you do not get the hot spots that are usually produced with gas grills. My old grill was horrendous with hot spots. Not only can you get it hotter than most grills, for doing things like searing, you also use less gas. We were sold and walked out of Home Depot with our new grill and cover.

Since this grill just came out, there are not many reviews on it. All the positives said that they had the best grilled foods ever on it. Two people said they had problems getting it passed 250 - 300 degrees, which did have me a little worried. I finished putting the grill together yesterday and fired it up for a test. My propane tank was almost empty, but I was able to get it past 450 degrees. I was happy for the test and now pretty damn excited about the thought of grilling on this goodness.

So, I decided to be aggressive with my first try on the grill by doing baby back pork ribs for tomorrow. I have my ribs, created a Cajun rub and rubbed it into the ribs. Now they are resting in the fridge and will be read tomorrow for grilling. I will be smoking the ribs with some Hickory chips. With the Infrared emitter trough, you can just drop the chips right onto it for smoking. I'll be finishing the ribs off with a nice BBQ sauce towards the end of cooking time. I also have some beef medallions to cook after the ribs are done.

I see nothing but good times with this grill. With the reviews I have read on it, I am going to be getting some of the juiciest steaks, hamburgers, etc from this grill. This summer there is going to be a lot of beer and burning flesh. There will be grilling. Yes, there will be a lot of grilling.

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